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Tontei Pork Restaurant: Hearty Japanese Hotpot in Nex

Met up with a friend recently and we decided that a cold rainy day definitely justifies some Japanese nabemono to warm up us... 

Tonyu Kurobuta Nabe Set
Black pork with assorted vegetables in soy bean broth and ponzu dipping sauce, assorted sashimi (salmon, tuna, swordfish), deep fried breaded sushi rice with chicken floss mayonnaise and chilli powder, chawanmushi, mini udon, and fruit. 

I was attracted by the milky white soup base and boy, I wasn't disappointed. It was light yet flavourful. The flavours seem to burst fourth in your mouth, and it was quite complex. I really enjoyed this soup!

This is almost the same version as the above, but with tofu and and sweet soy soup base. 
This nabemono set came with sashimi, chawamnushi, fruits as well, but the only difference was that instead of the breaded sushi rice, it came with just normal rice, and instead of udon, it came with thick translucent vermicelli and pickles. 

This soup has more leeks than mine, which is more of an assorted vegetables soup. But this soup tasted like your usual sukiyaki soup, so if you're a fan of sukiyaki, this is the dish to order. 

Hmmmm sashimi is soooo good. 
The swordfish tasted especially yummy with a fishcake-like texture. 

Chawanmushi is well done, very silky smooth and soft. 
I gulped it down pretty fast. 

Verdict: 4/5

This is a place I will definitely return to again because they serve up decent comfort food at a really affordable price tag. The soy bean soup was a rare and unique find at a Japanese nabemono shop and really well done. Love the kurobuta slices! 

Tontei Pork Restaurant
Serangoon Central

#B1-79 nex

Singapore 556083

Tel: 66347116

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