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Meow meow goodies from taiwan! 

More ice cream therapy for me, I am so blessed to have people around me who do their best to make me happy. This definitely makes me very very happy! The mango parts of this ice cream, is like the sweetest blended mangoes ever. REAL MANGOES. Plus vanilla ice cream, except it doesn't taste like your usual vanilla ice cream and more like cream, yet not entirely just cream either. In short, it tastes divine. 
Best thing ever. My cravings for unlimited supply of mangoes just got satisfied. 

I made breakfast.. the most creative breakfast yet. 
I invented it on the spot! 
Say hi to my delicious hashbrown and egg cup!

Nara Thai with my favourite girls on a Friday night after work makes the week sweeter. 
The food was satisfyingly good but I could have enjoyed better if I wasn't so exhausted. 

I have 6 new toys to play with! 
My bouncing cats in costumes have been a great comfort to me, meow!

Finally found my David Levithan book in the library!
Been wanting to read The Lovers Dictionary for ages, and it was certainly interesting. 
I like how it's very relevant and intimate, very important qualities of a good book. 

I made an exciting Monday afternoon snack for myself.
Waffles with apple yoghurt, banana slices and I drizzled honey all over it. Yums! 

More great books for me. This is the first time someone has ever brought over a book for me, and it turned out to be a fantastic story indeed. I'm all set for my days of relaxation and doing nothing!

Oh look I have new toys!
I've kidnapped penguin for quite awhile and now that I can legally adopt him, I've decided to name him Pudding! Pudding the Penguin! :D

Sounds good. The duck just had a welcome party because it's my confirmation present!
Yay, so many good things happening all at once.
Definitely a happy penguin. 

Now I just need to name the duck..hmmm...
Any ideas?

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