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Travel Taiwan: Formosa Chang VS Rice God

Okay, so here comes the grand PK challenge. 
I went to Taipei and visited Formosa Chang 胡须张, which is famed for dishing up the most delicious Braised Meat Rice 卤肉饭. And then I went to Taichung and chanced upon Rice God 饭神, which prided itself on serving up the best Braised Meat Rice 卤肉饭 too! 

Needless to say, I tried both.
So now here's the showdown. 
Which is better?!

First up: Formosa Chang. 

Very fragrant braised meat, but the pickles were so-so only. 
It was good, but it didn't make me shovel them all mouthful after mouthful. 

The braised egg ahh..

Not flavourful enough. 

Ah hah, this is pretty good. Crunchy and fresh, pretty sweet too. 

Yessss their radish soup is to-die-for! 
Very sweet and clear broth, and the radish is melt-in-your-mouth soft. 

Same soup but with meat balls. 
Taiwan meat balls are one of my favourite dishes, love the bite and texture. 

Mad awesome vegetable. 
All the veggie in Taiwan just tastes better and fresher than the ones we have here. 

Verdict: 4/5

The rice is really yummy, and I love their soup. 
The radish was melt-in-your-mouth soft, and the soup was light and sweet. 
The egg was mehh, it didn't quite have the superbly braised intense flavour. 
Vegetables are as usual, awesome. Taiwan veggie has always been sweet and fresh. 

Some hits and some misses, but overall they still serve up pretty decent food.
One of the best braised pork rice I tried in Taipei, worth a visit if you're in the vicinity!

Tel: (02)2788-8081

 5 minutes walk from Houshanpi (後山埤) MRT station 
(exit: Wufenpu commercial district)


Welcome to Taichung!! 

They have a very extensive menu, gonna try the soup next time!

Too soft for my liking, but everyone one else says it's still alright. 

The tofu was really soft and refreshing. 

I prefer Formosa Chang's veggies cuz it has a much lighter flavour. 
This is drenched in more braised pork, which is really yummy but I wouldn't mind having just plain old veggie to balance out the flavours a little. 


Most awesome braised pork rice ever. 
Beats Formosa Chang hands down. 
More flavourful and more delicious, I really just couldn't stop myself from shoveling moutful after mouthful. 

Plus we get free flow of side dishes!!

These are so good, I wished I had another bowl of plain white rice to pair them with. 

Verdict: 5/5

This is mind-blowingly good. 
Much more awesome than Formosa Chang.
Must try must try especially if you're in Tai Chung! 


They're beside the bus station/terminal that sells you tickets to Sun Moon Lake etc. 
Should be easy to spot!


So in the match of Taipei versus Taichung, Rice God in Taichung wins by a margin. 
Better flavoured pork, better flavoured eggs and free flow awesome side dishes. 

Feel free to try out both and make your own judgements, at least it'll make your trip more interesting ;)

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