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Sabio By The Sea

Welcome to Sentosa Cove, where the rich and affluent resides. 

This is Quayside Isle, where all the F&B places are. 
In case you're wondering, they are mostly upscale establishments, even the fast food places look posh. 

Heading to Sabio by the Sea, which I heard is a fairly new restaurant in Sentosa Cove.
They have a branch in Duxton Hill, and this will be their seaside branch. 
From what I heard, they serve up really authentic and affordable Spanish food, so here's my chance to check them out! To celebrate our 4th year together, the kareshi and I headed down to this place. 

You can dine alfresco, some people prefer to sit outside so they can enjoy the night air later. 
Already loving the slightly casual vibe that this place exudes. 

Oh I love the paintings on the walls, very contemporary and colourful. 
The lights look like corals, and added on to the seaside town vibe. 

No fancy menus, but everything was neat and at least the paper wasn't really crinkly or crumpled. 

Traditional Spanish Omelette with Chorizo

The kareshi loves chorizo, so he picked this off the Hot Tapas section. 
A very unique flavour; the chorizo slices, potato cubes and egg were perfect together. 
This is well-flavoured, and together with the potato cubes, the chorizo provided adequate texture and bite to the dish. I must say this makes for a pretty good appetizer before we start on our main course. 

Mixed Seafood in Black Ink Squid

This is not a good choice for a first date. 
As you can imagine, I ended up with black teeth and black lips. 
Kinda like being poisoned lol. 
But okay it's been 4 years together, this will just be another embarrassing moment to add to our list lol. 

The seafood was really really fresh, you can find a overwhelming amount of prawns, fish, squid, mussels and bell peppers inside. Don't be deceived by the appearance, this is actually really delicious. 

When I originally read that Bomba Paella Bar sells the best paella in Singapore, I really thought Sabio's paella couldn't rival theirs. But alas, after trying both places' paella, I really think Sabio has better paella. 
In terms of taste, this is much less salty as compared to Bomba's, and the overall flavour is just more balanced and appetizing. The rice is slightly more wet, and you know with paella you will get some charred rice on the bottom of the pan? Yeah I get charred rice too and it tastes really good, but at the same time it's wet so you don't feel like the rice is grating on your tongues and throat. Bomba just lost out slightly I think. 

The other factor is, this comes at only $25 for a 1-2 person portion, while Bomba serves it up at a whooping $40 for a 1-2 person portion. 

Crunchy Fried Spanish Doughnuts

I never knew what was the hype surrounding churros, until I tasted one myself. 

Salivating as I type this post here. 

It was piping hot, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The charred sugar gave the churros texture, and when dipped in their really thick chocolate sauce, it was like fireworks happening in my mouth. 

I still can't forget the taste. 
It was THAT amazing. 

Verdict: 5/5

This place is amazing. I love the semi-formal very relaxed vibe that Sabio by the Sea offers. 

Their service is impeccable, the food was just so amazing. It was not really accessible but who cares, I want to go back again to try their other dishes. This place is a rare gem for couples to enjoy a chillax dinner and some quality time together. 
Not very pricy, the total bill came up to about $57 for the both of us, so it's very reasonable. 
The menu variety is also amazinggggg, they have all sorts of tapas dishes for you to try out. 
Bomba Paella Bar just lost out slightly with a much more limited menu and more expensive price tag. 
Definitely worth a return visit. 

31 Ocean Way
#01-02 Quayside Isle
Tel: 66907568

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