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Travel Taiwan: Feng Jia Night Market

When people mention TaiChung, the first thing that usually comes to mind is FENG JIA NIGHT MARKET!

Well, that's my reaction too. And coincidentally my good friend was in Taiwan at the same time and he visited Feng Jia before me. It was his first night market in Taiwan and it left him with a good impression, so I thought this place could be worth a visit. 

Despite the crowd, I didn't have trouble navigating the streets. It was a pretty cooling night, so there are occasional breezes. Overall, it's pretty airy. 

First stop near the entrance, found this amazing stall selling deep friend chicken cutlet with a generous serving of salad. You get free refills of salad in your choice of dressing. The chicken was juicy and tender, the breaded crumbs were a deep golden brown and very very crispy. The accompanying salad added a nice touch to the dish, and it balanced out the oiliness a little. Overall, it's a very satisfying dish, and I really love the fresh salad. Yummy. 

Chanced upon this and it looked really interesting so we gave it a go! 
The giant pork knuckles roasting over the spit was way too alluring and tempting. We picked the original salt and pepper flavour so it wouldn't mess with the original flavour of pork. 

I'm so glad we tried this, because it's so good! 

Roasted corn on the cob, we chose CURRY flavour. 
It was drenched in flavourful curry powder, and the corn was burst-in-your-mouth juicy. 

One of my favourite food at Feng Jia is most definitely this!! 
Been looking high and low for this since I landed in Taiwan, I am soooo glad I finally found them! 

The skin was very thin, and the cabbage inside was so sweet and juicy. Be careful not to let the juice dribble all over your chin while eating this! Must-try if you're a fan of 生煎包! 

We bought a box of Toppoki to eat back at the hotel. 
This was piping hot with chewy Korean ricecakes, a huge boiled egg and slices of carrots. 
The Korean spicy sauce was just the right balance of salty, sweet and spicy. 

Verdict: 4/5

For the most famous night market in TaiChung, it sure didn't disappoint, but it didn't surprise either. 
Overall, the food served there was up to standard. Worth a visit if you're in the vicinity!  

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