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Travel Taiwan: Yi Zhong Night Market

One of my favourite night markets. This one is really bustling with the vibrant student energy, lots of cheap clothes, good food, and it's quite airy and spacious too!

This wasn't the super famous one, because I think the famous stall had a 30 person long queue. 
Brother wanted to try this and he said it's not too bad. 

I'm not a fan, but I took a bite just to taste. 
Not bad la, the Taiwan sausage was pretty juicy. 

I cannot stress enough how juicy and delicious the fruits in Taiwan are. 
This one featured above is PINK GUAVA.

Tell me, how many of you have actually SEEN a pink guava in real life? 
You haven't right?! 
Most of you have only drink Pink Guava Juice and seen the pictures on the juice bottle packaging. 

Lemme tell you, pink guava is 10x nicer than normal guava. 
Or it could be me being biased because I love the pinkish hues lol. In any case, it's very sweet, crunchy and juicy! Must try when you're in Taiwan okay!

Strawberries that looks positively stunning. 
Very red, very juicy, very pretty. 

I am a hugeeeee fan of mushrooms. 
Mushrooms are just so healthy and full of goodness for you. 
Of course, after deep-frying, it's not healthy anymore hahahaah but I still love it. 

There are 3 types of mushrooms here, and we got the mixed bag. 

The one on top is 香酥菇,which is your usual Chinese mushrooms, and the fairer one is 杏鲍菇. It tasted kinda like fishcake! Kinda chewy. Quite like the texture cuz it's something different from the norm. 

Enoki Mushrooms 金针菇 are probably one of my favourite out of the 3 types! 
Enoki mushrooms are so versatile, I usually eat them in soups, hotpots and they're soooo good. 

We went back for 2 more cups in less than 20 minutes, and it was so paiseh but the girl recognized us and kept laughing. But the service was so good, she remembered that I didn't want any ice and even the sugar level I liked. 

I felt so spoiled with the awesome service there, and then I came back to Singapore... 
and I doubt I need to explain further about the state of our customer service here. 
You know, I know, we know how bad it is here. Geez. 
Oh wait, I think the worst I experienced was in China, so ok Sg at least you're better than China. (Not much of a consolation I think haha!)

Verdict: 5/5

I give this place 5 Charlottes because it is really very very awesome! 

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