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Food For Thought @ Botanic Gardens

inclusive of scrambled eggs, hashbrown, salad, bacon and toast.
Customized version: Replaced toast with sauteed button mushrooms 

The unique thing about Food for Thought's hashbrown is that it comes in bite-sized balls. 
I love their scrambled eggs, very fluffy and rich. Best thing is the eggs have this very homemade flavour as compared to Wild Honey's version. 

What I also love about this place is the dish customization option that's offered to all customers. 
I don't usually eat toast, and I don't really like toast especially the super thick ones like they serve here. 
So I have the option of switching the toast for the sauteed garlic mushrooms without any extra cost. :)

So basically what you see above, is my ideal of what a good brunch should resemble. 
I would like to replicate something like this at home! 

inclusive of scrambled eggs, toast, sauteed button mushrooms, meatballs, hashbrown, bacon, salad

RH's choice of brunch dish. 

Verdict: 4/5

Very homely comfort food. 
Having tried a number of brunch places, I must say Food for Thought really appealed to to the homebody in me. The food they serve up is really no-frills comfort food. Coupled with the location of being nestled in the lush greenery of Botanic Gardens, I feel so tempted to just kick back with a book and lounge there while I slowly savour the food. 

1 Cluny Road
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Tanglin Gate, #B1-00

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