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Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen at MyVillage

Hajime's chef helms from the popular Tampopo so you can expect some standard for their food. 

GYOZA $6.90

Gyozas were pretty delicious, thin skin and suitably juicy. 


For 11.90, this ramen has alot of liao and will satisfy the greediest of people who wants a little of everything in their ramen. 
The stock is milk white and robust, but not too jelat. 


Tonkatsu Ramen comes with a side of tonkatsu and this is actually quite a pocket friendly option. 
The broth is slightly spicier and has lots of cabbage for that extra crunch. 

I cannot say this is a super duper delicious ramen but this is a decent version if you just want a quick ramen fix in the neighbourhood. 

The tonkatsu fared better than the ramen, it's crunchy, juicy yet not the least bit oily. 
It remained crispy til the end of my meal. 
I suggest you can order the tonkatsu set meals with rice if you're dining here. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 4/5
Price Point: $$
Thumbs Up:  Tonkatsu is crispyyyyy delicious!
To Improve:  Ramen noodles were a little nua, broth could do with a bit more oomph!
Will I return: Yes
Why: Hard to find a good ramen that's not in town, this is good enough!

1 Maju Avenue, 
myVillage @ Serangoon Garden,
#02-07/8/9, 556679

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