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Travel Tokyo: 渋谷餃子 Shibuya Gyoza - The Mount Everest of Gyozas

Are you a fan of gyozas like me? 

Three cheers to gyozas! 
The ultimate comfort food, pan-fried gyozas dipped in vinegar and doused in spicy chilli oil! 

We stumbled upon this gyoza shop one day and decided to be adventurous. 

Deep-fried Tofu ( 230 Yen )

I was expecting agedashi tofu but turns out it's just normal fried tofu. 
Nothing special, you can give it a miss. 
Maybe try their stir-fry dishes, they do look and smell fantastic.

20 pieces Gyoza (880 Yen)

We weren't adventurous enough for the Everest hahahaa! 20 was just nice for us. 
This gyoza place categorized the amount of gyozas into 3 different mountains - Normal(20), Mt Fuji (30), Mt Everest (40).
I believe this is the grilled gyozas, since they have 3 types - boiled, grilled, fried. 

I honestly can't tell the difference between the grilled and fried but I think whichever you ordered will be delish anyway. 

Look at the pretty golden undersides of the gyozas! 

They gyozas popped open with a burst of juice, and my favourite way of eating them is to douse them all in chilli oil, spoon some chilli flakes on top, then dip them in vinegar. Yums. 
While I believe there are even more delicious gyozas out there, this random place I found still managed to hit all the right spots. 皮薄馅多,多汁爽口! 

Fried Rice (430 Yen)

One of the best fried rice I've had in my life, this looks deceptively simple but it had a garlicky fragrance and wok hei that tells of a skillful chef wielding the wok! 粒粒分明!
I can easily pack a plate by myself, this goes extremely well with the chilli! 

This is the menu, it comes in English. So considerate and helpful! 

Not too hard  a place to find, just look out for the signboard with lots of giant gyozas. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 3.5/5
Price Point: $$
Thumbs Up: Cheap and delicious gyozas. and that FRIED RICE! 
To Improve: No smoking in the shop please? 
Will I return: YES!
Why: Comfort food near the hotel! Yes please!

Shibuya Gyoza Shinjuku Nishiguchi
渋谷餃子 新宿西口店 • シブヤギョウザ シンジュクニシグチテン
アトラス西新宿ビル 2F
Shinjuku, 東京都 〒160-0000
Alight at:
Shinjuku Station, 
Shinjuku Station Nishiguchi, 
Tochomae Station, 
Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station

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