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Travel Tokyo: 天房 Tenfusa - Tendon in Tsukiji Market

Tenfusa is a humble little shop nestled among the various sushi shops in  Tsukiji Market, most notably beside the extremely famous Sushi Dai and Sushi Daiwa. It's a small place and can only seat around 12 people. 

We arrived at lunch time and wandered around for a bit before we found the shop. The Sushi Dai and Daiwa queues were stupendously long. The queues broke off once it encroached on the other shop's space and continued along the corridors. In comparison, Tenfusa is full house but only has 2 other salarymen queuing in front of me. Of course everyone else soon joined me after they realized the sushi queues aren't moving. Or maybe they had no idea what I was queueing for and just randomly joined in (so many Singaporeans hahaha). 

The kindly old lady inside was all smiles and welcomed us into the shop. Whoop finally! I took a peek into the kitchen and saw the chef cooking. It was a tiny kitchen and there's only one chef, the tempura is only fried upon order so it takes a while for the food to get served. 

We ordered the standard tempura don and boy, was it yummy. It was piping hot and crispy, but the seafood inside was freshhhhh. The rice was drenched with this delicious sauce that added flavor to the tempura. Fish tempura and squid tempura were one of the highlights of this dish, how often do you see these two ingredients being tempura-ed in Singapore? 

It may look like a hole in the wall place but this hole hides a formidable tiger. Or in this case, tendon. If you want to try something other than queuing the whole day for sushi, eat this. You won't regret it. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 4/5
Price Point: $$
Thumbs Up: Authentic ambience! 
To Improve: More English menu. 
Will I return: Yes, if I'm planning to head to Hama-Rikyu Gardens cuz it's quite far.
Why: Delectable quality tendon. 

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