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Travel Tokyo: 横浜家系 ラメん Yokohama Kakei Ramen

On a wet and cold night, we were stumbling along Nishi Shinjuku and were dazzled by the amount of food available. So we decided to dine at the first ramen shop we see. So tadah welcome to Yokohama Kakei. 

Black Lekei Ramen [Ramen seasoned with Black Garlic Oil] (780 Yen)

Look at the silky smooth and clean broth with the beautiful black garlic oil floating on the surface. I tell you the fragrance is so overpowering and makes you want to slurp it alllll up. This ramen shop is super cute because all their ramens come with a tiny ajitama in the form of a quail egg. I ordered a normal size ajitama anyway because eggs! 

The only flaw in my opinion is the thick like siao ramen noodles! One strand of the noodle is like 6-7 strands of the thin noodles. It had a thickness and slightly chewy consistency that reminded me of udon. It took me quite a while to chew and my jaws were given a pretty good workout. Not my favorite, which was a pity because the broth was pretty spectacular. I drained the bowl dry, slurps! 

Ramen with Slices of Pork Belly (980 Yen)

This was the original tonkotsu broth which felt very clean, rich without being overpowering, savory without being too salty. 

Also the same thick noodles which filled us up even more quickly. The char siew was pretty good, tender and fragrant. 

You purchase your meal coupons from
the vending machine but this machine has no English. At least there's pictures. 

The English menu that will save your life. Look at this before making your order at the vending machine. 

Overall, this shop did well on the broth. It was very clean and warms you up properly. If the ramen wasn't so thick, it would have been better, but this is just a matter of personal preference. If you like thick ramen noodles, you shouldn't miss this place because the broth is quite stellar. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 3/5
Price Point: $$
Thumbs Up: That garlic broth. SO SILKY AND FRAGRANT. 
To Improve: I need English on the vending machine :(
Will I return: Maybe
Why: Thick ramen is not a favourite of mine, but that soup is delish. 

Yokohama-Kakei Ramen  横浜家系ラーメン

西区南幸1-2-5 狸小路1F・2F

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