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Travel Tokyo: 俺流塩らめん Oreryū Shio Ramen - An Unexpected Find

On a cold and wet winter night, I was suddenly ravenous and craved some hot soup. And tadahhh what should I find but a vending machine ramen shop!!!

Oreryu Jukusei Shio Ramen (680 Yen)

They have many types of Shio ramen and given my limited vocab, I couldn't understand what's the difference btw between the different types of Shio. And so we randomly picked one. And boy was it the best choice ever, this was one of the most amazing bowls of Shio ramen  I've ever tasted. The Shio had this depth of flavour with an extremely fragrant smelI . 

Look at the very thin noodles, it was very springy and had a good bite. The thin noodles paired very well with the broth, so it made slurping all the more fun.

Miso Ramen (700 Yen)

This miso ramen was mad delicious, very good miso and different from the miso ramen you get in Singapore. It wasn't overly salty and the miso tastes fantastic. 

The only thing I didn't like about this bowl is the noodles. It's not that the noodles aren't good, it's simple because I prefer thin noodles to thick noodles. These noodles are yellower and slightly thicker than the Shio ramen noodles. I suppose it pairs well with the miso stock but I simply prefer the Shio better. 

We also ordered a karaage and gyoza mixture because when in Japan, eat as much as you can. While the gyozas and karaage weren't fantastic, they were still quite decent. 

They have many branches, so if you see one, don't miss it. 
The taste of the Shio is really quite unforgettable. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 4/5
Price Point: $$
Thumbs Up: Delicioussssssss ramen
To Improve: More English explanation would be helpful as they have different variations of the Shio Ramen, and I have no idea what's that difference. 
Will I return: I'm going to go back specially for that amazing Shio and slurp it all down!
Why: So slurp worthy! 

Oreryū Shio Ramen
Alight at Shibuya Station.

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