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Travel Tokyo: 天ぷら三定 Tempura Sansada - Traditional Tempura in a Cultural Town

Asakusa is a cultural heritage area that's famous for tendons!!!!!! 

I really love tendons, and the lack of good tendons in Singapore has sent me running to Japan to satisfy my cravings. 

During my research, we stumbled upon this place called Sansada that serves up old school tendon.

上丼 (1820 yen, 21 SGD) 

This is the standard tendon, it came with a bowl cover but because the bowl was overflowing with goodness, the bowl cover only rested lightly on top, with all the delicious looking tempura peeking through. 

The prawn is hugeeeeee, and look at how beautiful it is.
Yes it tasted as good as it looks. Very fresh, fat and fabulous.

There's a piece of kakiage in the tendon, and it was full of surprises. Small
prawns embedded in a batter mixed with cubes of squid!

特上丼 (2700 yen, 31SGD)

This is the special don with prawns. 3 jumbo prawns begging to be eaten. 

But it was so amazing that you just keep on going despite feeling stuffed. 

The tendons here are more pricey than usual but that's also because of the ridiculously generous portions that were served up to us. I was so stuffed that I couldn't finish all the rice, despite it being extremely fluffy and delicious. 

Asakusa is famous for tendons so if you're in the vicinity, do drop by for a bowl of  this famous old- school style tendons!

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 5/5
Price Point: $$$ 
Thumbs Up: Ambience, huge ebi! 
To Improve: Nil. 
Will I return: If I'm heading to Asakusa, yes! 
Why: One can enjoy tendon in a very zen environment. 

Tempura Sansada
Japan, 〒111-0032 Tokyo, Taito, Asakusa, 
1 Chome−31−11
 第2梅園ビル 2-

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