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Travel Tokyo: 磯丸水産 Isomaru Suisan - 24hr Seafood Izakaya

Fresh Seafood Chirashi Sushi Bowl (895 Yen - without tax)

I stumbled upon a 24 hour seafood place and decided that we shall give it a try. 
The menu is quite extensive and there is a wide variety of dishes to satisfy whatever craving you might have.  This Chirashi don is one of the most generous and cheapest bowl I've had! It was brimming with fresh sashimi cubes, even the cubes of tamagoyaki were sweet and yummy. 

Jumbo-size Minced Tuna Cutlet (399 Yen - without tax)

We ordered this minced tuna cutlet and were shocked by the sheer size. When they say jumbo, they really mean jumbo. It's bigger than my face! When we cut it up, we were met by a delightful sight of real minced tuna, which tasted fantastic by the way. The exterior was crisp and the insides were suitably juicy. 

Famous Kani Crab Miso (499 Yen - without tax)

We have no idea what this is but somehow it looks good so we ordered one anyway. It was a grey gooey mess and I have no idea how it'll taste like, so I tentatively scooped some and tasted it. IT WAS EPIC. So insanely and unexpectedly delicious!! It's so hard to describe the taste cuz it's a blend of seafoody and crabby flavour that lingers indefinitely in your mouth. MUST TRY.

Three Grilled Items Bowl (730 Yen - tax included)

Basically this is an bowl of aburi fish goodness. 
My favourite is the aburi salmon because oh yes who can say no that slightly charred smokey flavour paired with the soft melty Omega 3 that just dissolves in your mouth. 

Isomaru Chef's Selection - 8 pieces (920 Yen - tax included)

While their sushi wasn't the best, it still manages to hit the spot with its freshness . Even the wasabi is fresh, not the "lao hong" type commonly served in Singapore. I especially love the tamagoyaki sushi, and that's saying something because I basically stopped eating tamagoyaki sushi in Singapore cuz it's always cold and hard. But this one was surprisingly tender and had a tinge of sweetness typical of tamagoyaki. And the salmon roe sushi!!!!! Feel every single roe burst and erupt into amazing goodness in your mouth. 

I swear, eating in Japan is like having a food orgasm multiple times in a day. If you're in the Shinjuku vicinity and happen to need some kani, or feel the temptation to stuff your face with cheap chirashi don, please come here. EAT ALL THE KANI MISO!!! 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 4/5
Price Point: $$
To Improve: I really cannot stand the indoor smoking thing! 
Will I return: YES!
Why: Cheap and yummy seafood in Shinjuku, good choice for a dinner spot if you stay in the vicinity! 

磯丸水産 新宿三丁目店

Shinjuku 3-Chome
3-17-13 | Suzume-No-Ojisan Bldg. 1-4F, Shinjuku 160-0022, Tokyo Prefecture

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