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Penang Pawn Noodle craving settled at Malaysia Boleh! 
A little expensive for the serving size, but definitely hits the spot. 

Trying Wimbly Lu for the first time and I can see why people rave about their cheesecakes. 
This was moist, dense and chocolately without being overly sweet. 

EN Grill and Bar is a place I've never heard of before until I had to make my way there. 
Google Maps failed me, I got lost, I asked 5 passer-bys, the haze was terrible, but I finally got to savour this very delicious wagyu and assorted grill. 

Duck eggs for the ducks, but they look mildly confused. 

Finally tried the highly recommended Song Fa Bak Kut Teh and it was amazing. 
I love the hot peppery soup that slides down your throat and warms you up from the inside. 
It's an exceedingly comforting feeling, makes you want to dabao everything, go home, curl up in front of the tv and coffee table with a piping hot bowl of bkt. 

September ends off with a loud pop.
Chef Tony's has landed and I have a tub of caramel goodness to snack on. 


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