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La Pizziola: Cosy Italian Dining in a Quiet Neighbourhood

We're on a hunt for pizza pizza pizza, because pizza just makes you happy. 
So deviating from the usual pizza places, we found one that's a little off the grid, and we were blown away when we entered the restaurant. 

They have natural lighting! 
There is a little small sort of alcove at the back with huge sky windows that lets in lots of natural light. It was the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen in a restaurant. 

The chef came by the rattle off a list of specials that are not on the menu so why not?

Off the menu Special of the day: Mushroom soup

This is one amazing mushroom soup. 
It doesn't have all that "add a lot of cream" nonsense where a lot of places do, to cheat you into thinking their mushroom soup is creamier and more luscious than it actually is. 
This soup, is pure mushrooms. 
You can taste the freshness of the shrooms and savour the fragrance of it slowly spreading in your mouth. It was really really good, not quite like anything I've ever had before. 

La Pizzaiola Speciale Pizza
Mozzarella, roast beef, parmesan, Italian rockets, truffle oil

Moving on to the pizza, we ordered one of their specials to try. 
It was interesting. The base was a cross between chewy and biscuity. It started off as pretty crunchy but after you've left it for awhile, it gets a little more chewy. Flavour wise was pretty good, there were generous slices of roast beef. While it wasn't a wow moment, it's fairly decent. In fact, if you were a pizza connoisseur, I think you'll appreciate the pizzas here. There wasn't a lot of fanfare, but you can clearly taste the very atas ingredients that they use to make the pizza, and the standard is really quite decent. 

My only gripe is that the pizza was very hard to slice/tear apart, makes eating it a little inconvenient, especially when the dining environment is really quite classy. They also didn't slice the pizza evenly, so some pieces were really wide, and some were rather narrow, makes splitting the food with your dining companion a little tricky.

Squid Ink Tagliatelle con Granchio
Squid-ink flat ribbon pasta with crab meat and white wine sauce
No visit to an Italian restaurant is complete without trying their pasta dishes too. 
This one was really quite spectacular. I thought it would be interesting to try squid ink pasta, and this dish provided a very seafoody element and taste to it that is quite unforgettable. Slurp it up with the white wine sauce, and you'll keep going back for another mouthful. 

Verdict: 4/5

While I wasn't wildly excited about their pizza, I really love the ambience of this place.
So if you're looking for a fairly atas and classy place for a satisfying Italian meal, this is the one.
I recommend going in the afternoon though, then you can get a look at that gorgeous natural lighting and enjoy a quiet lunch without too many patrons talking and bustling around. 

Braddell Heights Estate
15-3 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987

Tel: 65 6282 5031
Fax: 65 6282 5190

Opening hours: 
11.30am - 2:30 & 5.30pm to 10.30pm 
Closed on Tuesdays

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