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I am awaiting eagerly for my holidays! 

Before the good times begin, the bad times have already come knocking. This is when good quality potato chips help to dispel some of that sian-ness. 

Black black black!
This was a tad too thick for me, it was really fragrant and nice but towards the end it felt a little too much so I gave up. But it was still good! 
Ikkousha is my next trusty go-to place for ramen, after Ippudo. 

Went to Gindaco for yakisoba, only to find out they've taken that off the menu.
How depressing, so we ventured upstairs for Watami soba instead. 
And royal pudding afterwards. 
Yeah nothing is enough to sooth the loss of my trusty yakisoba place. 

November was such a hectic month and to end the month, I attended a themed dinner as a baseball player. All I could think about was snuggling up in bed with my ducks and some Castle. 

Last exciting thing I did before November is gone, visited SAM and had fun with some interactive art installation. How does my HDB look, complete with ducks and runaway dustbins and burning bins. 

December is upon us and my long-awaited holidays are finally here! 
Bye November! 

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