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Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant

It was a rainy rainy day and definitely a good idea to have some piping hot Korean food to warm your heart and your hungry tummy! 

Auntie Kim's is located in a corner of Upper Thomson road and I've wantd to try it for the longest time ever. The name inspires thoughts of hot and comforting Korean food served up in a setting that can only be seen in your Kdramas.  

At Auntie Kim's, they offer a large variety of banchan, and they're all pretty tasty. A good preview to the main dish! My favourite is the beansprouts and small kimchi! You can also ask for refills if you run out, and they gave us some pretty interesting ones such as preserved ginger which was super delicious. Kinda cleans the palate and gets ready your tastebuds for the next dish. 

Samgyetang 삼계탕
Ginseng Chicken Soup $25

The samgyetang soup was really light and sweet, with a hint of herbal goodness. 
It was raining outside and this soup really warmed us up. 

There was glutinous rice stuffec inside the chicken so you'll find that you're slurping up some rice as well while drinking the soup. I found the chicken a little on the dry side, but the soup was clear and light with this mild hearbal sweetness. Something interesting to try, since I usually prefer a spicy kimchi and tofu pot, extra warmth for the tummy!

Seafood Pancake $18

This was a mehhhh, there was a lot more flour than ingredients. 
So far I think the best I've tried is still the version at Yoogane. That one was really awesome. Generous fillings without all that chunky batter and pan fried to a crisp. 

Pork Bulgogi $15

This is one dish that you can definitely order to satisfy your bulgogi craving. 
The slices of meat were cut to the right size so you can gobble up a huge spoonful of it, and sauce was thick and a little spicy. It was flavourful and had some of that homecooked feel to it. 
This is definitely a heartwarming dish. 

Verdict: 4/5

The environment is lovely, especially if you go early, the place is almost empty and you can enjoy your dinner in peace before the dinner crowd comes in. The food is really good and it really settles that craving you get for Korean food after you binge watch Kdramas. 

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant (Thomson Road)
265 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574392
TEL : +65-6452-2112

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