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Noodle Place Restaurant: HK Noodle Goodness in Singaopre

Noodle Place is located at the walkway in between Orchard Central and 313. Might miss it if you didn't pay attention, but fret not as I was attracted there by the aroma of their food. 
Yes so like a dog, I followed the scent until I was standing in front of their shop. 

Good start I think, also recently found out that the chef at Noodle Place was originally from the famous Hong Kong Mak's Noodles so you can expect quality food here. 

Decided that due to limited stomach space, we shall try the two most iconic items in Hong Kong restaurants - Wonton Mee and Congee. 

Look at that big fat wonton glistening, fresh juicy succulent prawns encased in a paper thin skin. 
The noodles are springy and thin, the soup is clear and sweet. 
Stir in some of that good old chilli and you'll have a mildly spicy soup base. 

Congee smells fantastic and it looks very smooth. 
There were a variety of ingredients inside, fish maw, nuts, cuttlefish just to name a few.
It is warm and comforting, simple food for the soul. 

Verdict: 4/5

Yes this is a place that I will definitely return for simple, delicious and unpretentious food 

Noodle Place

Orchard Gateway, 
277 Orchard Road
 #01-17 S238843 (Somerset)

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