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Mouth Restaurant: Where Your Mouth Couldn't Stop Eating

This is a very overdue post, pardon my tardiness! 
I was too busy sculpting minds and shaping thoughts haha!

Mouth Restaurant is located in an obscure corner of the old Plaza Singapura building and it was our choice for a 4 girls get together dinner.

Mouth Restaurant is famed for one very epic dish - their baked custard bun. 
Yes they have the flowy custard bun too but they have gone one level up by baking it. 
Think Tim Ho Wan Char Siew Bun X Custard Bun. 

Proudly presenting to you...

Epicure Top 10 Baked Cream of Salted Egg Yolk Bun

Let it flow let it flow let it flow (Please sing according to the Xmas song tune)
The exterior was crisp and the yellow goodness was a blend of salty and sweet, warm and gooey. 
This is one orgasmic food experience. 

 Sauteed Carrot Cake Cubes with Spicy X.O Sauce

Carrot cake redefined! 
This was lip smacking good, the XO sauce was very fragrant and the carrot cake cubes were plump and soft. Beansprouts provided a nice bite to it and was refreshing from the heavy flavouring. 

Sauteed Rice Roll with Prawn & Char Siew in X.O Sauce

I never thought chee cheong fan could look and taste this good. 
I mean, it's always been a comfort dish when it was steamed, but I never knew sauteed chee cheong fan can be so delish too!

Verdict: 4/5

Their custard bun is enough to lure me back because that is one memorable dish.
My only gripe is that the stir-fry dishes can be a tad oily, but other than that, thumbs up. 

Mouth Restaurant

68 Orchard Road #02-01
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6337 7446, Fax: 6337 8144

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