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October is happiness because it meant holidays are near!

Celebrated a 4-day long weekend with a mighty food trail with a fellow foodie. 

First stop: La Nonna
Week day 1-for-1-lunch is our favourite at La Nonna. 
This time we ordered their Meat Lover thin crust pizza to try. 
Amazinggggg, I loved the burst of flavours and the saltiness of the salami and pancetta. 
Will definitely be back for more of this goodness!

Next stop: Saboten Tonkatsu

Crispy juicy tender pork, what more can I say. 
Of course Ma Maison  does it better but this is slightly cheaper alternative. 

Sunday is rest day haha, so the final stop is at Toa Payoh Song Kee Fishball Noodle.

Kuay teow tossed in lots of chilli oil, fried shallots, pork lard, and topped with bouncy handmade fishballs and tau pok. This is THE stall where my grandma buys in bulk their handmade meatballs for our annual CNY steamboat. Best thing ever. 
In life, there will always space for your $3 comfort food. 

Weekend fun with sushi and softshell crab handroll while drinking hot green tea and watching the rain pours down in Orchard road. 
Idyllic indeed. 

October is a month of fun cooking.. 

Re-created my hashbrown and egg cup but this time with a runny yolk! 

Toasted the croissant (ended up abit chao ta haha) and did it open-face style with some baked mushrooms and egg

More toasted croissant but this time I am less lazy so I scrambled some eggs to stuff inside the pastry.
Warm flaky croissant with creamy scrambled eggs, who needs a cafe when you can recreate cafe breakfasts at home!

To end off the month, a picture of my ducks going for a baseball match! 
Too cute for words I know ;)

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