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Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant

Eggs eggs eggs... who doesn't love eggs!? 
Google tells us this is another place to find lots of eggs to satisfy that egg craving of yours. 
Off we go then!

Pecori is a humble little shop located in the basement of Liang court, beside the super long queue of Ryoshi Ikemaru Sushi. They boast an extensive menu of omurice, so you'll definitely be spoilt for choice. 

The original demi-glace sauce tasted really rich, egg was suitably runny and there were a few chucks of beef hidden in the sauce. 

This is the same as the one above, except it comes with a hamburg. 

I found the mentaiko sauce a little too jelat for me. 
But you have to admit the pink colour is really pretty. 

If you're really hungry, you can add on items at $5.90. 
My hungry foodies chose the beef hamhurg and the most pathetic looking tonkatsu to add on. 

I sweat the tonkatsu looked very different on their menu. The menu one looks tantalizing and delicious. This one simply looked like some regular pork cutlet. Mehhhh. 

They have Shaker Fries as well and you can choose what flavour you want. 
This was also a mehhh. Very flat, not flavourful enough. 

Verdict: 3/5

I am starting to think you cannot find a fantastic plate of omurice in Singapore, except maybe for the one in Ma Maison. This was decent at best, but it's nothing to write home about. The next time I venture to Liang Court I might just try the sushi next door instead. 

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