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My much anticipated and awaited holidays! 

The parents flew to Las Vegas and stopped over at Japan for transit. 
The above picture happened. 
Happiness ensued. Hahaha!

The buddy is back home and he brought back the books I ordered. 
$32 for 4 books is a very good deal! Everything in Singapore is sorely and annoyingly overpriced. 
I got some awesome souvenirs too! Check out that gorgeous Santorini magnet! Buddy knows me best.  

Me day with assam laksa to satisfy my craving, this was good but not fantastic. 
Boo.. but it satisfied the craving somewhat. 
Now I need to go get some authentic Penang food!

June is happening because I decide to cut my hair. 
Goodbye long locks, so annoyingly hard to wash! 

Eggs are a constant feature in my monthly adventures, I try to cook a few times a month so I don't go crazy from the stress. 

Went for a short Bintan getaway and I brought the birdpark along! 
Look at them all snuggled up in my bed. 
What a life.. 

It's as much a vacation for me as much as for the birds. 
Exploring and walking around the resort can get a little boring when the sun is beating down on you. 
Hence I took George along, so that he can bask in the sun as well. (Also to keep me occupied.)

We were struck with a need to settle the craving for omurice so off we go to Liang Court in search of some eggy goodness. 

Stopped by Dulcet and Studios for a little pudding fix, I simply tax everyone's dessert because taxing is more fun than getting your own pudding. Milk tea pudding is so amazinggggggg. Why are Japanese puddings so so so melt-in-your-mouth silky smooth?!? 

I think I have found my new favourite pair of dressy shorts. 
Most awesome indeed. 

Mr Bean says "time flies when you enjoy." Indeed. 
I really really really don't want my holidays to end. 

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