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January is a month of postcards! 
BFF is now officially the biggest contributor to my postcard collection,  having sent 5 in a span of...4 months! I now have to find more space to display them, but this is the kind of happy trouble that I don't mind having!

Budapest is here to say hi and this print is so..romantic hahaha
But I have to say the bridge looks absolutely beautiful all lit up..

Then Prague came along soon after...
Europe postcards are sooooo gorgeous and picturesque. 

Paris came next, this has got to be one of my favourite postcards!
BFF knows me best. 

The Colosseum arrived next, and even the stamp bears a mini Colosseum!

January also saw me crossing the border with one of my girlfriends to the nearby CitySquare mall for a little mani pedi session. One can never forget to stop for some mango dessert especially when it's the famous Hong Kong dessert king Hui Lau Shan! 

More postcards arrived for me, this time it's Ashin!
My very cute friend DIY the CNY theme into the disco ball print hahahaa, I have to say  kudos for effort and A+ for creativity!

I have also succeeded in re-creating my own ramen egg with runny yolk!
Doused in soy sauce instead for a quick breakfast, but whoohoo it feels great man! 

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