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I Am

Visited this cafe with R and J one lazy Sunday because we've heard so much about their rainbow millecrepes! I Am is located on Haji Lane and it's pretty noticeable by the crowd. 
I honestly think the location is not so awesome, because the cafe is not air-conditioned and the sun is brutal. 
It's fine without aircon but at least provide a decent working fan? We sat near the road and we were baking. The metal chairs weren't helping matters. But ohwell.. let's just move on to the food, maybe the food is so mindblowing I can overlook the metal chairs, baking heat and endless loop of Taylor Swift music. 

The legendary Rainbow Millecrepes. 
It looks really good. 
Sometimes I think food that looks too photogenic aren't really as awesome in taste. 
This was...just as I said. Better in pictures than in taste. 
The millecrepes itself weren't sweet, so it's very reliant on the chocolate sauce and icing sugar to lend it power. Furthermore, it's just very tough to slice through the layers with just a dessert fork. I'm not entirely sure if the crepes aren't as soft because there are multi layers stacked up together, but I thought they were a little on the dry side The chocolate sauce is pretty thick so you get a little sick of it after a few mouthfuls. 
I honestly think sharing this would be a better decision. 

It would be an even better decision to share the S'mores Tart.
If I thought that chocolate sauce above was thick, then this is super ultra thick. 
This is a complete chocolate fest. 
This is like melted Nutella topped with torched marshmallows. 
Right about halfway through, I got pretty sick of it. 
The hazelnut chocolate is really smooth, and it goes really well with the marshmallows but you have to share this dessert. HAVE TO. I'm amazed I lasted halfway actually, all that sugar wrecks havoc on my digestive system. Never again, moderation is key and sharing is caring. 

Verdict: 3/5

Desserts are mediocre and nothing to rave about. 
Give me a bowl of tauhuey any day, I think a simple dessert well done is way more satisfying than a complicated dessert that is only at best mediocre. 

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