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December; when snow falls and unicorns gallivant, fairy lights twinkle and people say goodbye.

Took my long-awaited trip, my great escape to Bangkok. 

Saw this mega cute gelato shop in Siam Paragon that sells the cutest and most gorgeous gelato on sticks. 
Didn't try it cuz I was on a mission to eat something else. 

Found some interesting flavours of Pretz so bought a couple boxes home for people. 
They're actually quite nice though. 

Also bought body scrub from Beauty Buffet in Bnagkok because I am obsessed with body scrubs. Sometimes I think I may be on a mission to find the most affordable and awesome body scrub. 
Now let's hope these two live up to expectations. 

Met up with a long lost friend whom I haven't seen for 5 years and I got a belated birthday celebration!
My first proper one, complete with a cake, candle and a birthday song! 

Ooooh and I even got a birthday present! 
2 packs of sushi stickers for the sushi girl and sticker monster in me. 
Totally wasn't expecting that at all, but stickers do make me very happy indeed. 
Gonna plaster them all over my belongings and be very happy everytime I look at them. 

It seems to me that everyone seems to be very eager to make my birthday a memorable and enjoyable one, and I'm very thankful for that. 
Met up with another friend for a lovely dinner and it was a night full of laughter and great fun. 

My postcards from Perth arrived and I think my teeny magnetic board as gotten wayyyy too full. 
Maybe I should consider blu-tacking them on the wall instead. Subsequently my other beaches postcards from Australia arrived as well and I think I simply have to find a new way to display all of them! 

December has been wayyyy awesome (because of holidays) and it's been a great month. 
Other than some darker moments, it's been greatttttt. 
Here's to a great 2014, because with every year that passes, things can only get better and better. 

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