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Cook-For-Myself Days

I usually dedicate Saturday to myself, it's like a me day.
I do my face mask, I read, I cook, I laze around doing nothing just happy to be relaxing. 

Which brings us to Cook-For-Myself Days. 
I started to venture out of my cooking safe zones and try cooking other food. 
Of course, Saturdays usually mean empty fridge, no fresh food so I make do with whatever frozen ingredients that's available. Because it's generally quite unpredictable, part of the fun is trying to think how you can incorporate that a certain ingredient into your meal. Sometimes I get a surprise ingredient and it ends up feeling like a bonus meal!

Cha soba with purple cabbage and Korean wontons drenched in the Japanese noodle sauce. 
Yeah the purple cabbage was a surprise ingredient haha. 

Bean mee soup with egg, crabstick, mushroom ball and salmon balls. 
The soupbase can be easily replicated with a vegetable or chicken stock cube. I prefer the chicken stock cube though, more flavourful. For a little fibre intake I tossed in some of the frozen vegetables as well. 

Cha soba with pan-fried gyoza, drenched in Japanese noodle sauce. 

Brunch time!

Omelette topped with furikake, wedges and two slices of nutty garlic bread. 
I call it nutty bread because it came coated with a variety of nuts and seeds. I seldom eat bread but this is definitely one that I'll eat. 

More brunch time with Bacon Egg Cups. 
Pan fried bacon til it's half cooked, wrap them in baking muffin trays, crack an egg into the middle and send into oven for roughly 15-20 minutes. These are amazingly delicious though it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's amazingly bad for your arteries. 100 calories per cup, sooo.. hit the road running after you've devoured these babies. 

Bean mee with Korean wonton and egg, drenched in sesame oil, soy sauce, pepper, and mushroom chilli. 
Mhmm yummy in my tummy.. 

Cook-for-myself day begins with an omelette topped with furikake and stir-fried button mushrooms!

Kimchi soup with bean mee, and banchan (seaweed and cucumber)
Yeah I like bean mee, also because we have so many packets stocked up at home. 

Soba, charcoal grilled chicken and banchan (for some fibre intake)

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