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Trying out the long-awaited fast food sushi place!! 
At long last!! 

Ordering at Maki San does take a little time, because poring over their extensive menu might leave you torn between choices. I know I changed my mind over three times. At least three times. 

The maki rolls come in very nice takeaway boxes with lovely printed designs. 
I love their boxes! Well, I also took the printed covers home. Figured it might come in handy for some future craft purposes. 

Looking good right!

Okay so that's how you order a Maki-san:
First, you pick a wrap and rice. I chose traditional nori and Japanese rice. 
Second, you pick 3 Essentials. Tamagoyaki, Tobiko and Tempura Enoki Mushrooms.
You can pick 5 Essentials if you opted for Mega San. I had Little San. 
Third, pick 1 Sprinkles. I chose Bonito flakes. 
Lastly, choose a House Sauce! I had a really hard time, but I ended up with Wasabi Mayo. 

Verdict: 3/5

I felt that, for this price, you really cannot expect too much. 
While it's good, it's not fantastic sushi. 
But for a quick sushi fix, or a healthier option of lunch, this would definitely be a good choice. 

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