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Magnum Pleasure Store Singapore

The kareshi took me to this special magical place known as the pop-up Magnum store because he knew I needed a very sweet pick-me-up. 

He was terrible excited about DIY-ing his own Magnum so I gave him the pleasure of helping to DIY mine as well. I was a little down that day and couldn't muster that much excitement, so I'll just wait to eat heh.  

I picked the dark chocolate base and the kareshi happily embellished everything else. 
Cranberries, hearts and mini chocolate balls. The chocolate casing was super thick and the embellishments made the ice cream super heavy so... it cracked before I could pick it up to eat hahaha!
It could also be because I was too rough in trying to lift this heavy dessert off the plate. Oops. 

The kareshi picked white chocolate and the same ingredients. Oh minus the dried cranberries. 
This tasted magical as well, love the milky white chocolate! 

I have to say, this DIY thing is an awesome idea. 
Magnum, you're brilliant. 
Everyone loves a customized/personalized something, or everything. 
Everyone loves Magnum as well. 
Combine the two, and voila, you got yourself a magical and super marketable idea. 

Verdict: 4/5

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