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September is here and then gone in a blink of an eye. 
Now maybe wake me up when school term ends? HAHA. 

Read a really good book and found a quote I could really identify with. 
This book is really awesome, the writing is intricate and the thoughts are very relevant to your daily life, your troubles, things you've been through before. The prose is witty yet sharp, serious yet comical at times. Every word pierces your heart through and through, and it made you rethink many things in life. A good book not to be missed. Definitely. 

Trying out a new mask because... no reason why actually haha. 
I simply felt like it. 

Went to the movies with R and we got free Ben and Jerry's! 

Allowed myself a break to catch up with my best bud in school after work, and it was definitely a reprieve that both of us needed badly. 

The end of September will definitely bring about better things, I hope. 
Things can only go up from here on. 
Up up and away. 

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