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Mezzanotte: Of Gelato & Midnight Chats

Fruit Paradise closed down in Orchard Central so we ended up here for some after dinner sweets. 

Mezzanotte sells Italian gelato, and honestly I have no idea what's the difference between gelato and ice cream. I mean, it's still ice cream right? So it's only when I stepped into the shop and saw the explanation on the wall, and I understood the difference between ice cream and gelato. 

Allow me to explain simply. 

1. Gelato has lesser fat content
because it's made with a greater proportion of whole milk so has only 0.7% fat content. 

2. Gelato flavours are denser and richer
because it's churned at a slower speed than ice-cream, thus less air content.

3. Gelato is softer and fresher
because it's stored at higher temperatures, which makes it less frozen and softer. This also meant gelato can't be kept too long thus must be produced regularly. 

I like the ambience. 
The colours and design made the small shop look spacious and it's also very clean. 
Couples can hide in corner sampling waffles, families come and have a little bonding time, friends gather for affordable Italian gelato and chit chats. 

Fererro Rocher & Sweet Hazelnut Cream

Fererro tastes like chocolate and I still prefer Sweet Hazelnut Cream. 
Much sweeter. 


But if you were to compare Sweet Hazelnut Cream to Milk, I would take Milk flavour any day. 
This is still much more pleasing than the above. 

There isn't as much of a crowd here at Mezzanotte than at Salted Caramel, which makes it a pretty nice place to just chill with a group of good friends. Salted Caramel is getting so mainstream, though I would like to try Udders. I wonder if they have waffles, I can nibble at some ice cream too hehh hehh.. 

Verdict: 3/5

The flavours above are not too bad, but I heard their fruit flavour gelatos aren't fantastic. 
Despite that,  I really do adore the interior and ambience, so even though the gelato is only so-so, I guess it can be overlooked if you go with a group of friends to chill and chit-chat. 

906M Upper Thomson Rd (Outside Springleaf Gardens) 
Singapore 787110 

Daily Opening Hours 
12pm to 12 midnight (Sun to Thurs) 
12pm to 2am (Fri & Sat)

Tel: +65 64567382

Email: info@mezzanotte.com.sg 

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