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Awkward Situation #2: The Baby Shower

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If there's one event that I try to avoid attending at all costs, it's baby showers.

I know what you're thinking now.


1) Babies are so cuteeeee!! 

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Yeah, they are.
But they're not mine, so I'm not obliged to say/think/show that they're adorable.
More often than not, the babies are NOT cute. No offense here.
Then what on earth am I supposed to do?!

Stand around awkwardly and make small talk with a bunch of people I'm not really comfortable with?
Usually the attendees at these sort of events are your colleagues whom you already see on a daily basis (and would not like to see after work hours), or old classmates whom you've long since grown apart, or just plain strangers cuz they might be family or other friends of said baby shower host.

Major awkward fest.

2) You HAVE to bring a gift. 

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As with most invitations, you are obliged to come bearing gifts or red packets.
Yeah yeah I sound very cheapskate here, but come on man, don't tell me this thought has never crossed your mind. You will keep brooding over this, especially if it's an invitation by someone whom you're not particularly close with. Like I said, major awkward fest.

Don't tell me you won't feel that way because it is really duper depressing to have to shell out hard-earned money on something and for someone you don't really give two hoots about.

But sometimes is really bobian, it is not politically correct to skip an event like this even if you know deep down your attendance makes no difference. That, and the fact that you know when it's your turn to celebrate your baby's first month, you won't invite this person/colleagues/ex-classmates/acquaintances anyway. This is a classic 稳赔不赚 situation. If you want to cover your "losses", you'll have to invite these people. And you know deep down you don't want to see them anymore than necessary. How conflicting.

3) Awkward Conversation with Awkward People

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How would you like to be cornered by some happy family of the host while trying to escape awkward conversation? I really don't want to know how hard the couple have been trying for the baby (which is simply another way of saying how much sex they've been having and I doubt you want the mental image of your colleague/classmate or whoever going at it like rabbits to stay in your mind). Highly disturbing aside, this is information that clearly borders on the Too Much Information category.

And also, I dislike making small talk with random people I don't care about.
I think this is the main point why I try not to attend functions like this.
Unless I REALLY CARE about you lol.

Yes, the above are the reasons why I dislike attending baby showers.
So if you think I don't give a damn about you, maybe you shouldn't invite me.
Just a friendly notice lolol..

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