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Vacation Souvenirs: To Buy or Not to Buy?

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In general, I despise getting holiday souvenirs for people. It's troublesome, and some unappreciative people will have something to say about your gift. If I buy anything, it'll be for a couple of closer friends only. Or I'll just get some food, you guys can share among yourselves. Easy peasy. Otherwise, I am a firm believer in not getting anything at all if I don't see anything worth buying. Food is alright because it's a universal bonding item, but if I have to buy for the sake of buying, then no thanks. They are just going to end up as future rubbish items. 

I hate it when people make it seem like buying souvenirs are an obligation.

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I hate it even more when I buy things for someone, and they go, you never buy for *inserts name* ah?
Let me ask you this. 


When I buy something back for you, it's an indication that I am reciprocating. I feel like you deserve something for being so nice and supportive. It means you are important enough to me. 

If you are smart enough, then you can make your own deductions that whomever I didn't get anything for, is not high up enough on my list to deserve anything.

 But if you try to make me feel guilty for buying stuff for you and not for *inserts name*, then let's make it clear alright. 

I will NOT be buying anything for anyone at all anymore.

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It is MY holiday, MY money and MY decision if I'm getting souvenirs for anyone. 
I don't think I am answerable to anyone for a minor decision such as getting souvenirs for whom. 

However, it is YOUR prerogative to feel guilty that you have something and so-and-so doesn't. 
I will not condone it if you try to make me feel guilty about my harmless decision instead. 

If I buy something for you, just effing TAKE IT. 
If you don't want it, say so up front. I will never waste a single penny on you again. 
If you don't go round showing off the item, nobody needs to know that they didn't get anything. 
But instead of a "thank you", you tell me "why didn't you get for so-and-so", then pardon me if I slap you. 

You don't control who I buy things for. 
Either take it, or leave it. 


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