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Something Borrowed

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with this movie. 
I haven't read the book yet, but maybe I will, just to find out if it's any different from the movie. 

The movie seems to lack..something. 
It felt like there could be more, but there isn't and the whole movie felt pretty flat. 

So this movie is about two best friends - Rachel and Darcy. 

Rachel is your typical non-confrontational, take a backseat, bookish type of friend while Darcy is the competitive, insecure, loud friend. A seemingly impossible match but hey their friendship survived at least 10 years of ups and downs. 

In the movie, Darcy is getting married to Dex, who is also Rachel's law school best friend. 
Now the deal clincher is that Dex and Rachel are actually in love with each other. Since law school. 

But for some abysmal reason, they didn't get together. 

Because Rachel doesn't fight for her dreams, because Dex didn't have the courage to pursue his dreams, and because Darcy sweeps in like a whirlwind and takes whatever she wants. 

But I gotta admit, they are one cute couple. 
The scenes in law school are too adorable, it's one of those Prince Charming falls for the Cinderella sagas. Rachel was pretty nerdy back then, and Dex is still so handsome. So yeah, Rachel fulfilled the Cinderella criteria and Dex is our resident Prince Charming. 

They are sooooo cute together. 
I was really glad that at the end of the movie, they ended up together.

Darcy and Rachel's friendship is enviable, if you have Rachel's temperament because not everyone can tolerate a Darcy. But dominant, loud and attention seeking as she is, Darcy is also a good friend to Rachel. Though I mostly think she's too self-centered, insecure, attention-seeking, demanding and flaky to be a good friend. But okay Rachel and her peace-loving ways love Darcy the way she is. 

They are each other's best girl friends. 
That's a very rare thing nowadays. 
How many of your girlfriends do you have, that you can safely say is your best girlfriend ever?
If you have one, you're really lucky. 

So yes, I like that in this film their friendship is portrayed as the ultimate girl power because well that kinda made up for the relationships I'm lacking in reality. 

Ethan is every girl's best guy friend.
 Rachel obviously thought so too, until Ethan confessed that he liked her. 
But even so, they're still really good friends. 
I like this character, a very kind and caring friend who dared to speak his mind. His courage is what makes his advice to Rachel truly precious, because he braved Rachel's wrath to tell her what she needed to hear, and not just what she wanted to hear. 

I think that as a friend, that takes real courage. I am probably lacking in that department lately so my next best choice is to shut the hell up and be a lousy friend instead. 

Overall, I felt that this movie was a letdown. Darcy'c character could be further developed and I am still trying to figure out why Rachel is such a Mother Theresa despite how Darcy treated her - the whole self-centered, competitive thing and all. 
It was pretty flat, the whole movie. Well.. I guess not all book adaptations are fantastic, just gotta cope with the disappointment.

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