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Article Addict

I love to read articles. 
Lots and lots of articles. 

The discovery of HelloGiggles is enough to send me spiraling into Article Heaven. 

I read dozens of articles the first time I stumbled upon this website, some I skim though briefly some I read them in-depth. 
It was exhilarating how some of these contributing writers manage to put my thoughts into words, articulating my feelings exactly as I feel and making me realize that I am not alone in feeling this way. 

Then I realized the existence of Thought Catalog and I did this mega swoon thing again. 
Though admittedly, their articles are not all fantastic. In the quality control aspect,  HelloGiggles did a better job.  

The discovery of Pulse is from some article called the Top 5 Apps you must download or something. In  that article, Pulse is recommended as one of THE best news reader ever. You get to customize your reading pages with the articles you like. They have EVERYTHING, from entertainment to photography to recipes to beauty tips and women's health. Literally everything, just at your fingertips. 

I never fail to read them everyday. It's like people who needs their daily caffeine fix, I need my daily article fix. More so if I don't have a book or magazine handy. 

They have the best beauty tips ever, I discovered beautylish through Pulse. So awesome, it's like a godsend. They have the trendiest, hippiest and most useful tips and articles. 

I can go and on about all these awesome websites but that'll get boring. So check these out if you love articles as much as I do, I hope they bring you as much joy too. 

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