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Many thanks to NUFFNANG for this movie treat to catch the highly-anticipated 


Mad excited! I have been waiting for this since I caught Captain America last year, winning the tickets to this movie totally made my day. 

This time the free showing is held at Shaw Lido instead of the usual The Cathay. 

Shaw Lido looked really pretty and cosy after renovation, but the inside of the theatre is a little disappointing. 

There is only one way in, so you enter and exit through the same door. It is a little traffic congesting, because there's a toilet right outside the theatre door, and there were so many people moving in that lane. 

Inside the theatre, I realized that the seats at the right hand side, top most area are blocked by this hugeass pillar from nowhere. Yes one can argue that it's only a tiny bit, but hey I'm watching an action-packed blockbuster film, a tiny bit can affect a whole lot. I can distinctly see that the screen is cut off from that angle, promptly changed my seat. 

The movie is a winner. 
If you haven't watched it yet, check out the trailer here in my previous post. 

I am loving the character posters! 

Before we begin, let's do a little introduction to the respective characters, shall we? 

Scarlett Johansson as BLACK WIDOW 

She didn't have any superpowers, but she's a Grade A spy and hello?! She is Scarlett Johansson!
I must say, her acting skills are undeniably good. She makes a pretty kickass Black Widow. 


HAHA! I doubt I have to say more, after sleeping for 70 years, Capt is here to save the world again. 
I do love his shield though, it's a really cool piece of weapon. The vibrations technology is pretty fascinating. 

Chris Hemsworth as THOR

Thor looks pretty clean this time in the Avengers, as compared to the movie Thor. All that scruffy beard isn't too appealing and also he's much nicer now in Avengers. Loving that hammer lightning trick.

Thor: He’s my brother 
Natasha Romanoff: He killed 80 people in 2 days 
Thor: …He’s adopted  

Ironman being Ironman, he has this compulsive need to take a jab at Thor's attire haha!

"Hey your mom called she wants her drapes back. "

- Tony Stark

Robert Downy Jr as IRONMAN

I used to dislike Ironman, but now I love Ironman!! 
Robert Downy Jr is a barrel of laughter, and his crazy gadgets are just way too cool. 
I looooove Stark Tower and all that clean energy genius stuff. 


Cool or what?! 

Mark Ruffalo as HULK

My only recollection of Hulk is Lee Ang's version - yes that horrible weird green monster. The whole CG effects were lousy and I hated it. I forgot Marvel released The Incredible Hulk - which is the one that I should watch! Which I am going to watch now hahah.. 

Dr, Banner ,your work is unparalleled. And I’m a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster.

- Tony Stark

Jeremy Renner as HAWKEYE

Hmm, his collapsible bow seems pretty cool but it doesn't seem very functional in reality haha!
Also, check out this article about Hawkeye's so-called archery skills. Totally diminishes the whole superhero super archer image lol. 

Tom Hiddleston as LOKI 

Loki's new armour looks like very Slytherin themed, and his head gear has this weird cockroach feelers protruding from it. Not very handsome! He also has what I called "banana hair". But as a villian, he is pretty good. 

Samuel L. Jackson as FURY 

Fury is..the head of the whole Avengers team. Hmmm, I find it alright, nothing special. Though I wonder why he wears an eye patch... 


Found these amazing GIF images on Tumblr

I am loving all the action! Exhilarating. 

Captain America with his man-out-of-his-time angst VS Ironman with his cocky-I-am-the-best attitude




HAHAHA I love the humour injected into the film, makes it lighthearted and fun to watch. 
The pace of the movie is just nice too, not overtly draggy yet each superhero had a pretty equal mixture of exposure. 

Funniest scene, when Hulk threw Loki around like a ragdoll. 

A team effort moment. 

Overall, I love this movie. Worth a second watch at home, just to appreciate the humour better. 

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