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Koka Purple Wheat Noodles

I like noodles!

But because they're difficult to digest, I can't have them very often. 
\But when I do, I turn to.. 


The pioneer batch of purple noodles were plain, no seasoning just noodles. 
It's really healthy because instead of deep frying, the purple noodles were steamed and baked. No seasonings included means I can make my own sauce, a much healthier option.

But this new batch of noodles comes in exciting exotic flavours!!
Mum bought 2 packets - Soy and Vinegar, Aglio Oilo! 

The Aglio Olio tasted awesome, but no pictures because I was starving. 
Had a little more time when I cooked Soy and Vinegar flavour, so here are the pictures! 

It's really easy to make. 

Step 1: Cook noodles for 3 - 4 mins in boiling water
Step 2: Rinse in cold water
Step 3: Mix seasonings with 5 tablespoons warm water
Step 4: Mix with noodles and enjoy!

I had some furikake from Daiso, so I sprinkled some on top to spice it up a bit further. 
The noodles were springy, and the seasoning tasted good. I would have added some sesame oil to it, but I couldn't find it. Maybe next time! 

Yummm I love purple noodles, they have another new flavour, I think it's tom yum or something. Hehh hehh, will try that out next! 

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