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The Hunger Games

There was a lot of hype for this movie, partly because it was adapted from a best-selling novel. 
Since the epic adaptation of Harry Potter and Twilight, this would be one of the first series adaptations that I have watched, before reading the book first. As a person who haven't read the book first, I find this movie really exciting, fast paced, and the story line really really refreshing. 

Jennifer Lawrence is a really good Katniss Everdeen. 

The movie opened with the impending arrival of the 74th annual Hunger Games. The phrase "May the odds be ever in your favor" echoes repeatedly throughout the movie, and especially at the beginning. At least 3 times while we're still at the scene of the Reaping. I believe that phrase meant a alot to the whole plot. It brought out the core of the story line in that single phrase. It spoke of impending doom, of luck, of a whole sick game, and of death and sacrifice. 

Liam Hemsworth gets his five minutes of fame before and during the Reaping as Gale, Katniss's hunting partner and best friend. Incidentally, I think they have a thing going on.. 

But as it is, they were born in District 12, and all 12 Districts were under the jurisdiction of the Capital. So they have no chance of ever leaving the place and hunt or live happily ever after whatsoever. Every year, they must face the odds that one of them will get sacrificed at the Reaping and die. 

I think that's a pretty sad life. They can't leave, because honestly if they could, I'm pretty sure they would have. But there would have been some silly communist rule written down somewhere that they can't because Katniss mentioned that they would be hunted down and punished, severely. Think having tongues cut off, tortured etc. It's pretty sick. 

It's a little sad that everyone dresses up on Reaping day, because it could be the last time they can actually look pretty before they die. So during the Reaping - which is a lucky draw whereby 1 boy and 1 girl gets picked from each District to participate in the Hunger Games. There is this system known as the Tesserae. So from the age of 12 to 18, every child has to enter his/her name into the Reaping. At 12, you enter your name ONCE. At 13, TWICE. And the number goes on. By the time you are 18, you have 7 slips in the bowl. When you make use of the Tesserae system, you are volunteering to put your name in there one more time. You can claim Tesserae for each member of your family. Katniss, I don't know whether she's an idiot or she loves her family too much, she entered her name FOUR times when she was 12 – 1 for the default, 3 for herself, her mum and her sis. In the movie, she is 16 and this means it’s her fifth year in the Reaping. She’s got 20 slips with her name in the bowl. 

The perverse thing is luck seems to be on her side, because the girl who got picked is her sister Primrose. By the way, it's Primrose's first time entering the Reaping. I am so sure Lady Luck favors our Katniss. 20 slips in the bowl and yet her sister with only 1 slip got picked. Really. 

So brave Katniss volunteered herself as Tribute instead, which is doubtless a selfless act. Primrose would have lasted about 5 seconds in the Games. Katniss, as we can see, is a survivor. She and her crossbow, she can shoot and hunt. Her survival instincts seemed pretty strong. 

They reached the Capital, and they were being...preened. They actually have someone to dress them up. Amazing. Well.. it's still a television show in the end. But I have to say, this whole idea.. It's really a game for the rich. Though I must admit the fire costume is really really stunning. 

Katniss, with her extraordinary good looks goes in and wow everyone without really meaning to, ends up being hugely popular. Well that meant she would be getting Sponsors, which would help her survive. I forgot to mention, yes these people entering the Games known as Tributes, would be receiving help from Sponsers - people who decides to donate a little stuff here and there to help out the Tribute they like. Like I said, game for the rich. Perverse game. 

But ah, at this point I would like to commend Katniss on her fire dress. Very very classy. Love the glitter and sparkles they scattered over her left shoulder. 

Well, they do have some compulsory physical training to do at the HQ.
Check out the 24 teenagers - Tributes, from the 12 Districts. Small girl who got picked, I pity her. Bad luck.  

Out of the 24, some were Careers. Which meant that they have trained their whole lives for the Games and they VOLUNTEERED at the Reaping. Madness. They train to kill people?! I seriously think the military sector would need more people like them. 

Entering the arena. Imagine the anxiety and feeling of doom Katniss must be feeling. 
It's practically walking right into the mouth of a great white shark, and at the same time hoping you might be able to come out alive. 

It's a bloodbath. Fight to your death moment. 

Suffice to say, I cringed and winced once they entered the arena and the horn sounded. Yes the massive killing began and it was gory. Excuse me but a bunch of teenagers killing each other is really not my idea of a fun and relaxing movie. It's stressful. It's a nightmare.
I think at least 7 to 8 Tributes were out of the game within the first half hour of the Games. 
That is how bloodthirsty these teenagers are. Yes I understand its a you die or I die situation. But uhh.. actively killing when your life is not under imminent threat seems a little toooo... *shudders

Maybe their notion of imminent threat and mine is a little different. Probably..it seems if you don't get rid of the enemies sooner, they would then become a threat to you and by then, it would be too late to save your own skin. Nevertheless, it is really really nightmarish. 

Here's a collage of the movie stills. I am not going to divulge any more details. You shall discover Katniss's fate for yourself. If you haven't watched it, go catch it now! It's really worth the time. But I guess you can omit the popcorn during the movie. It's kinda gory for  PG rating movie. 

Let's end this review with a nice, non-threatening group picture of the Tributes together. 
Very nice isn't it? I hope this doesn't give you nightmares. I personally love the cute little girl. So adorable! :)

Now I chanced upon pictures of the premier of the Hunger Games and guess who I saw...


That dress is simply stunning. 

I love her makeup! Flawless, subtle and elegant. And get a load of her eyes!!! 
Her eyes are..mesmerizing. In fact her eye colour looks absolutely gorgeous. 

Check out that hair! Glorious, elegant, classy. Oh her entire outfit, hair and makeup embodies the meaning of timeless and classic elegance. Tres chic.  

Alright, there is a whole host of Hunger Games inspired NAIL ART out there waiting for me to discover them. I'll see what I can dig up and I mayyyyy try them out. Oh yeah.. 

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