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Bottle Tree Park

Before this village style restaurant close down forever, I've decided to make a trip there for some breakfast. They serve dim sum breakfast from 9am to 4pm. 

I know hahahaha kinda oxymoronic again but that's what the sign said. 

Sunday morning dim sum breakfast with the family, idyllic or what ^^
Walked in from the other secret park entrance LOL
Only the people who stay near the area knows about it hehh.. 

Okay there you go, very woodsy signboard.. 

Everyone is walking like a bullet train! 

While everyone is busy poring over the menu, I took a walk snapping some pictures. 
This is the indoor dining area, actually it's pretty small. 

By the way, the waitress was super rude. Her face black like thunderstorm, the whole vibe she gives off is a get lost don't make me work attitude. Good thing I was pretty high from photo-taking, else I would be sorely put off by her crappy attitude. I mean, we all have our good and bad days, but since you're in the service industry you just gotta suck it up and smile. Be professional and keep the bad mood at home.

This is the alfresco dining area, but the morning sun was too damn hot for us to do any idyllic alfresco dining. Unless you have a burning desire to be baked alive. Pun intended. 

This area is beside the alfresco dining area. No idea what is it for, probably it'll be bustling by night time. 

This is just an area segregating the different dining areas. I have no idea why they have Japanese food here it's a bit strange. There's also an air-conditioned room beside the place where we had our dim sum. 

This is behind our dining area, which is also the area you'll see if you pass by on the MRT. 

People fish here, but I wonder if there're really fishes inside. 

Dim sum!! After the looooong walk in, I'm absolutely starving. 

Century Egg Porridge! 

Can't say it's awesome, but it's not too bad either. The only thing is they kept all the porridge condiments in some secret corner, have to ask for it then they'll supply. I tried looking around the counter for it by myself and got death-stared by the above mentioned stone faced waitress. 

Char Siew Bun!

I don't like buns, so I didn't try this, but brother said it's pretty yummy. So I guess this is one dish you can look forward to trying out huh.. 

Chicken Feet

Ughh I don't eat them too, brother said they're yummy but nothing special. 

Siew Mai

Only 3, didn't manage to eat one too, it's gone by the time I wanted to try it. 
Apparently, it tastes like those frozen dim sum packets you purchase from supermarkets. 
Disappointed to the max. Slightly better than Har Kau though, Mum had those last time and she say the skin and prawn were totally separated the minute she picked them up. Utterly fail. I might as well buy my own at the supermarket and steam it. Should taste better and cost cheaper. 

Pork Ribs

Good stuff, pretty delicious. Soft and tender and flavourful. 

Saving the best for the last, Prawn Rolls

These are served fresh from the wok, crispy tofu skin packed full of shrimp paste. 
Good stuff! Though it can get a tad oily, but whatever, I'm not eating alot too haha! 

Hmm my conclusion, I guess it's a novelty if you wanna try something new. They do have some pretty scenery but the weather was too hot for me to enjoy anything leisurely. The food was so-so, nothing to rave about. We even ordered a 荷叶饭, I think it wasn't supposed to be glutinous rice but they cooked this dish with glutinous rice. Worst of all, it wasn't totally cooked. The rice was too tough. 

So I guess not all dishes are delicious, and while the ones that passed out picky tastebuds, we concluded that it's one of those try-once-only kinda dishes. Definitely won't be craving for it. 

But we might go back to take a walk in there. It's really beautiful inside. 


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