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Bangkok Adventures: Crab and Claw - New England Seafood at Siam Paragon

I love Bangkok, and I've been there so often that my friends have started coming to me for food recommendations in Bangkok. Also proof that I am a certified glutton. 

Crab and Claw is a relatively new establishment located in the food basement of Siam Paragon, also known as Singaporean's backyard playground. Crab and Claw serve up New England style seafood, which is still a rather new concept in Thailand. It's not cheap, because duh seafood, but there are still plenty of curious locals and tourists descending on the restaurant during peak hours. 


I believe that made this pasta with some high quality bisque or seafood stock because this dish is one hell of a UMAMI. It packed punch, and lots of it. It was fragrant and chocked full of flavours, it almost tasted like the ocean exploded in your mouth. And so much crab meat, that is fresh meat they took from the claws, so fantastic.

There are many mouth-watering dishes such as the rare wild Alaskan white king salmon (B780) served with confit cherry tomatoes and squid ink hollandaise, and char-grilled Spanish octopus tentacle (B650) served with roast garlic and chorizo-based sauce. They also offer seafood promotions from time to time like the Crystal Crab and the Alaskan King Crab. 

with corn, potato and chorizo

I know I know, it does look great, doesn't it! It also smelled fantastic, the buttery spices wafting. 
We couldn't wait to dig in. 

But as we soon found out, we were literally and figuratively digging in. 
and in. 
and in somemore. 

Until we stopped 1/4 way through and surveyed how many prawns we had peeled. 
We counted how many prawns were there in the pot. 
There was close to 40-ish. 
Very value for money if you think about it, but you definitely need 4 pax to order this dish. 

We even ran out of space to dump the shells. The wait staff had to give us another bucket. 

Up to a certain point, I'm just eating because the prawns died for me and so they must not be wasted. 
As proof that we have eaten every single bit and how absolutely stuffed we were, here is a picture of our empty bucket and the butter knife standing inside as a gauge of how ridiculously deep the food bucket was. 

We swore never to have prawns again for the rest of the trip, and also probably not any for the rest of the year. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 4/5
Price Point: $$$
Thumbs Up: SO MUCH PRAWNS. Service was excellent. 
To Improve: Maybe put a note next to dishes that require more than 2pax to eat. 
Will I return: Yes
Why: The pasta is really good, but no more prawn boil for me. Nearly died. Definitely value for money though. 

Crab and Claw (Siam Paragon)
G/F, Siam Paragon, 991 Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

Nearest Train:BTS Siam

Opening Hours:daily 10am-10pm

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