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Tonkichi - Tonkatsu With A View

I've long heard about Tonkichi and have always wanted to try it. 
Not sure why I never got down to it til recently. 
If you use the JPassport app for food discounts and deals, you'll notice they offer some promotions from time to time. 

That is the story of how I ended up at Tonkichi for an early dinner. 


When I saw that they have Mentaiko, I decided I must try it. 
After I had Tampopo's version of mentaiko tonkatsu, I decide I should try this to see who does it better. 
There is alot of mentaiko stuffed between the fillet, which is quite satisfying I must say. The tonkatsu is crispy, juicy, everything a tonkatsu should be. 

The set meal comes with refillable rice and cabbage, miso soup, pickles, and fruit. 
My only gripe is their sesame salad dressing is meh. No body or fragrance whatsoever. 
Saboten has a much delicious salad dressing in comparison. 
There is also no fresh sesame for you to grind and pair with the tonkatsu sauce. 


I was quite impressed with this dish, despite being drenched in this special soy sauce and coated with egg, the tonkatsu remained super cripsy all the way til the end! 
It was flavourful, cripsy, egg, meaty. 
Eveything a good Katsu Toji should be. 

Overall I think Tonkichi did a decent job, but I think it's not as mindblowingly good as their reputation seems to suggest. Off the top of my head I can list a couple of my favourite tonkatsu places that can probably do an equally good, if not better job than Tonkichi. 

But they do have an awesome view overlooking Center Point and I love the atmosphere, a good choice for dates. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 3.5/5
Price Point: $$$
Thumbs Up: Great atmosphere, impeccable service
To Improve:  That sesame dressing was super uninspiring 
Will I return: Possibly
Why: The food is not mindblowing, but its good enough and the window seat is awesome

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