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Travel Tokyo: Sanbei Soba - Slurp Worthy Soba at Narita T2

If you think the airport in Tokyo is a boring place, you're in for a surprise. Narita Airport is full of delicious foods and you'll be left wondering why you don't have more tummy space. A quick walkaround led me to Sanbei Soba for some comfort food before boarding.

Soba is one of my favorite food and it's also the less popular cousin in the Japanese food family. Most people go straight for ramen because of the rich and robust soup. But I like soba because of its light and refreshing flavour, it provides a nice respite to the usual Japanese dishes. 

Tempura Soba (1320 Yen)

Soup soba with tempura set is actually pretty good. While it wasn't mind-blowing, it was exactly as I expected. Hot comforting broth that you can count on to warm your stomach. 

Tempura Zaru (1420 Yen)

This is the cold soba with tempura set that I really like. One of my favorite things about eating soba is dipping them in the sauce and slurping it alllll up. It's also rather rare that I get good tempura paired with soba, crunchy and fresh. I really like the vegetable tempura, fresh with and sweet. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 3.5/5
Price Point: $$$
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