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After years of helping people prepare for exams, the tables are now turned and I'm the one slogging away for exams. I can sufficiently say I hate exams, but they're a necessary evil. One thing I've learnt from the process is to never doubt your intelligence or ability because all exams test is how good a student are you, how good are you at memorization work but it says nothing about your capabilities at work. So, work hard, work smart, but take it with pinch of salt, because exams aren't everything. 

Tendon from Ichiban Boshi. 
I must say I'm quite impressed with Ichiban after they revamped the menu and offered more variety. 
While I cannot say this Tendon is mindblowingly good, it is slightly less oily that Sushi Tei's version, which always made my stomach upset after I ate it. 

Stress is the biggest motivation behind all my chips purchases and this time its exams stress!
Yikes, but on the other hand these Jalapeno chips are the bomb! 
It's really not half as spicy as that chili pepper indicated, if you can take the heat, this is a pretty yummy flavour you can go back for. 

Green theme continues with Matcha Caramel Corn, and I can safely say this is one of my favourite flavours to date. I thought strawberry was awesome, until I tried this. So good. 

Found this Sriracha on sale so I quickly grabbed. The spice level wasn't as complex as the Jalapeno but it was still good nonetheless. 

Dim sum to refuel before hitting the books. I really love the dim sum here, not because it's restaurant quality good but because they offer a good variety of old school dim sum options. I like the whole rustic vibe, reminded me of this very old school street side dim sum stall I frequent everytime I go to KL. It's familiar comforting food when you need some constant in your life. 


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"The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating it." Hi! My name is Sarahh and I love to eat. Hop on to my blog for an exciting journey with me.



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