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Hong Kong: Australian Dairy Farm

I so badly wanted to say this place didn't live up to the hype but....
I really can't because the breakfast food is really quite spectacular.

The snaking queue went past a couple more shops but the queue moves at a pretty fast pace.
Seeing as it's a cha chan teng place so people usually wouldn't linger (not that I would want to either), you can get in pretty quickly even with this ridiculous queue. Tip: If you don't go in big groups, you can get a seat much faster.

We ordered a couple of their star items to try, and I must say I really dislike their menu.
No pictures one, and they all have funny Chinese names that...don't quite translate to what I think it should translate to. It was such a tedious procedure, just ordering the food. Another thing is, this place is just..so damn rude. Oh dear why do I keep saying that?! Rudeness seems to be a recurring theme in my HK experience, and that is just plain sad.

Tip: Simply use English to tell them what you want. Not sure what the menu is referring to? Point to other's orders haha and tell them in English you want that. Don't bother trying to decipher that menu. They are also nicer to you when you speak English because they assume you're a PRC if you speak Mandarin to them. You think they would be able to differentiate a PRC accent to other Chinese accents, but no. Geez. So, moral of the story, speak English. Your life will be better.

This is their signature French Toast, looks unassuming but it was sooooo good!
Crispy on the outside and gooey soft on the inside, drench it in syrup and you have yourself a heartstopping breakfast.

HK milk tea was too milky for my liking. I kept putting sugar in but it just wasn't sweet enough, maybe the milk overpowered the sugar.

This is their star dish, scrambled eggs. 
I know, it just looks like a yellow mess. 
But this, this is the bomb man. 
This is the scrambled eggs of all eggs. 
This plate of eggs makes you want to dig in and finish all of it by yourself then order a second serving. It's just that good. 
I don't know what they added to it or how they cooked this, but this is hands down the best plate of scrambled eggs I've ever tasted. 

In a Nutshell

Verdict: 4/5
Price Point: $$
To Improve: I don't expect customer service at a cha chan teng but..how bout some basic manners?
Will I return: Maybe
Why: The food is pretty good but I dislike having my morning ruined by bad manners... 

Australian Dairy Farm
47-49 Parkes Street
 Exit C2 of Jordan MTR

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