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Weekend Getaway: Dining in Bintan Lagoon Resort - RICE

RICE is a beach front establishment in the Bintan Lagoon Resorts and I am awestruck by the view. 
The lunch menu is a little limited but the alternative is the over expensive buffet option or the mehhh golf course cafe - both of which we've tried. 
So, limited lunch menu aside, they do have an awesome view so...
RICE it is!

I kid you not about the view. 
I could sit here all day, if it wasn't so ridiculously hot. 
I got a burn after 30 minutes on the beach. 

The mie goreng is pretty delicious, it's not too oily and it's flavourful. 

There were generous portions of seafood in this plate of fried rice and the keropok provides a nice crunch to the rice. 

Buffalo wings were not too bad, sufficiently marinated and deep-fried to a crisp, but I've had better.

Mee Soto was really good, the soup was flavourful and the shredded chicken were tender. That green paste was supposed to be some sort of spiced chilli, I dumped them all into the soup and it tasted fantastic. More robust and a tad spicy. 

Verdict: 4/5

Overall, this is one of the places that's more worthy of dining at in Bintan Lagoon. 
While the lunch menu is not fantastically tasty, it is actually tasty enough to justify that price. 
Most of the restaurants in the resort serve up food that's definitely undeserving of the price tag. 
So if you need a place to dine at, this one will not disappoint. 

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