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Weekend Getaway: Dining in Bintan Lagoon Resort - Miyako Japanese Restaurant

Long overdue post about my March getaway to Bintan Lagoon Resorts. 
To be the honest, the food didn't blow me away and I think the foodcourts here selling Indonesian cuisine can do better than the restaurants there. And it's way cheaper and more yummy here. Total rip off. 

But we still managed to find a nice Japanese restaurant for dinner, and yes although it's still pricey, the food is really not too bad. 

The sashimi platter looks absolutely stunning. The colours are gorgeous and the sashimi were very very fresh. We polished them off within minutes. 

There were of course some simple standard fare like soba and udon in soup served with tempura. The soup was hearty and warmed the tummy. 

Their rendition of beef stir-fry is pretty good, but I wouldn't say its spectacular. 

Now, the truly spectacular dish was this. 
The broth was clear (no loner clear after we stir in all the meat haha!) and sweet, the ingredients extremely fresh and tasty. I especially love the mushroom overload of teeny tiny shrooms that I scooped up in the ladle. The tofu, the vegetables, the carrot, the beef - everything was perfect. 

Verdict: 4/5

Definitely a decent place to dine in but the prices are a bit steep. 
Granted, they are a bit more atas than your usual Japanese restaurants, but I still think I can find equally good sukiyaki in Singapore at a cheaper price tag. 

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