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Patisserie G: Chilling with Beautiful Desserts

Enjoyed an extremely tai tai day with a good friend while enjoying desserts at an extremely tai tai high class place. Or maybe I am too much of a commoner so I find any place with a semblance of atas feel an immediate upgrade from your normal cafes.

There were quite a number of desserts to choose from and we were spoilt for choice because everything looks gorgeously divine!


Baked cheesecake on a dark biscuit base

In the end my dining partner made her choice with a citrus-y cake.
It was beautifully glazed and the lemon flavour wasn't too overpowering. It's not sour like you're eating a lemon, more like a delicate touch of citrus infused in the confectionery.
The biscuit base was crunchy and had biscuit bits in there so there's some texture to balance out the smoothness of the cake.


Choux puffs lightly glazed with caramel, piped with chantilly cream, sitting on a sablé base.

This is one of their best-seller item and I was attracted by that beautiful caramel glaze sitting beautifully atop the choux pastry. Gorgeous gorgeous dessert stole my breath away.
The choux puffs were soft and fluffy, paired with the slight crunch of the glazed caramel, the smooth silkiness of the chantilly cream and the solid bite of the sablé base biscuit....
I was blown away.

Best dessert ever.

Verdict: 5/5

Although at $8-9 per piece is actually rather pricey, I think these desserts have earned the right to be charged at this rate. These are fine artisan desserts and I believe alot of effort has gone into it.
While it's not something that I can indulge in regularly, I definitely wouldn't mind paying a premium to enjoy something so delicate and delicious occasionally. 

Patisserie G

(65) 6338-7578

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