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July is a tough month to get through. 
Tough tough tough. 

Which is why I have the birds rooting for me. 

They told me to go and eat kimchi. 

And I did. 
Yoogane to be precise. 
The korean pancake was deeeeeeliiiicioussss. So was their kimchi. And the awesome chicken galbi. 
Basically, it was quite an awesome meal. 

We all need some dessert to wrap up an awesome kimchi meal, so I tried the original royal pudding. 
Amazingggggly good. Though if I were to compare, not as awesome as the Dulcet and Studio ones. 

To make my days at work happier, I also had weekend ramen. 
Nanstuttei ramen. 
The kuro-mayu smelled fantastic but only the first few mouthfuls were good. 
It kinda lost its steam after that and I pretty much lost interest in the bowl. 

To survive the days without ramen, I had Flapflap with me! 
Yes I sneaked a duckie to work, because I can! 

Everything I do, I do it to make myself happier after a lousy day at work. 
Which is how these chips came about. Gotta love the value shop for stocking chips and all sorts of fantastic junk food at very low prices. Good news for the wallet, bad news for the diet. 

And and and this has got to be THE highlight of the month. 
Royce chocolates!
So so so chocolatey smooth and melt-in-your-mouth perfect. 
That's it. My standards for chocolates have just hit a new high. 

More ramen to celebrate the long weekend! 
Ippudo is still the best. 
Rich, hearty broth that not only warms the tummy, but also the heart. 

My little duckie has found a new lounging spot. 
Looking good! Quack quack!

Soupy homecooked food while finishing up HIMYM is the most perfect way to spend a solitary Saturday afternoon. 

And thatttt is how July ended. 
Now August will be here to stay and soon my hols will be here again!
Hip hip hurray!

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