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April features a duck because I feel like I've to constantly keep my feet paddling else I'll most likely sink and drown in the exhaustion. Paddle paddle, here I go.. 

Google revealed the Pokemon Challenge as an April Fool's surprise and mannn did we all rise up to the challenge. I only found 23 pokemon, and I must say this is not a game for the impatient. 
I am impatient and tired, hence only 23 found. But it was good for a little mindless scrolling after a long day at work. Ash would have been proud. :)

Greece hits me in the face when BFF sent me some of the picturesque shots of his holiday happenings. 
The good thing is now I have a brand new phone wallpaper and it's gorgeous!

Breakfast food on weekends keeps me going...
Finally settled my soon kueh and peng kueh craving!!! 

Grandma makes the best fish soup in the world, lots of vegetables just like I like it. 
Warmth in ma' tummy and warmth in ma' heart.

Soba and dumplings are two things that's always aplenty in my house so here's a little soba and gyoza fix for a public holiday lunch alone. There is something very calming about cooking for yourself and eating alone that I greatly enjoy. 

I sometimes think there is a greater force at work, sensing when will be the right time for my beloved friends to send me a little pick-me-up. Postcards always seem to arrive when I'm at my lowest, cheering me up and encouraging me to persevere. Feeling infinitely blessed indeed. Plus the bubble gum postcard is hilarious, certainly cracked me up!

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