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March is a month of happiness and holidays. 
Well.. of course there are ups and downs, but I'm choosing to just focus on the happy parts. 

Lots of cooking for me this month!

Cha Soba + Gyozas + Salad (Lettuce, karaage, ramen egg topped with Greek salad dressing)

Toasted nutty garlic bread topped with an omelette (failed runny scrambled eggs haha!) for a hearty weekend breakfast!

More hearty breakfasts for me, this time an omelette with baked streaky bacon. 
Cannot emphasize how good this tasted, and baking the bacon was a stroke of brilliance. 
Less mess, less smoke, and way faster than pan-frying them. 
This is truly a holiday breakfast indeed! 

More holiday breakfasts for me, this time with baked king oyster mushrooms. Drizzle it with olive oil, salt and pepper, then bake for 12 minutes. I made two foil trays - 1 for bacon and the other for mushrooms, so I baked them together at the same time. Time and energy saving! 

A surprise postcard from Iceland arrived for me from my dearest amigo. 
Reminder to self: Must witness a real life geyser in action one day. 

Wore one of my favourite skirts that I bought in Bkk, had the most delicious tonkatsu and the most enjoyable company for dinner.  March is good alright.. 

March hols equates to a flurry of meetups with my dear friends, for good food and even greater company. 

Asari clam soup, been dreaming about this since forever. 
Finally got to fulfill my craving this holidays! 

Love this mint green, totally refreshing pop of colour!
Busy busy day ahead... It began with a spectacular lunch...

Followed by me losing spectacularly at video gaming... 
Don't make me play guitar hero again... 

I'm starting to think March is bubbling with excitement because of holidays. 
I haven't been doing much living before holidays began...and now that it's ending, I'm going back to surviving instead of living again.. Well.. at least it was good while it lasted!

I had start of term blues so I headed to my trusty library and was surprised to find a stack of new books, all of my favourite to-read titles! The universe is good indeed. 

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